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June 11, 2010
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WIP preview Ulquiorra -01- by blackstorm WIP preview Ulquiorra -01- by blackstorm
WIP preview of my up coming Ulquiorra Cifer pic (2nd in the hot long-haired Bleach men series).

Sorry to disappoint but it's not a fanservice this time.
I do initially planned to, but a few discomforting comments on my recent Grimmjow piece got me somewhat 'messed up', to put it simply (and dad lurking around in the computer room AND listening to the World Cup on TV with the volume up high so ain't helping improving my mood -though at the least I gave him the small TV in my bedroom to watch downstairs so as to 'prevent' him from watching the large TV next to the computer). Anyways, I've long wanted to try out drawing either Grimmjow and/or Ulquiorra in Kubo's inspiring "Valentines colour spread" *shrug* The scene sorta flows out while trying to relax by listening to some piano music. I may likely not colour it.....and the background's conceptual so don't laugh at the stick-bird (I may likely leave the background out too anyway **sucks at it**) :movingon:

Oh, and DON'T tell me he looks like Byakuya. Thank you very much :|

Art © =blackstorm [ME]
Character © Kubo Tite | BLEACH
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Aww what did people say in the other picture? I thought it was really cool and loved his hair :( it's sad that people can be mean sometimes :hug:
It's nothing spiteful but it just sorta rubs me off the wrong way, so to say. I'm just getting over with it (and I've resorted to disabling the comments, I didn't want to, but....ugh).
Don't worry about it, just do whatever makes you feel best ^_^
dewildarkness Jun 17, 2010  Student
cool !!
arielsabik101 Jun 16, 2010  Hobbyist Artist
Why are there birds in the background though??
Godaime-Hokage Jun 16, 2010
dont worry he doesnt look like byakuya, his face is totally diferent
stick-birds rock :P

cant wait to see this finished! :D
AngelicWolf-Lova Jun 15, 2010  Student General Artist
i neva seen this in my mail damnit DX my friend showed me and yay i finally ffound it! CANT WAITS!!! >3< even if it aint fanservice, if its ulqui im fine with it ^^
Ulqui! 8D
Can't wait to see the finished result. :D
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