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April 3, 2011
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GRIMMJOW -Sorin's first word- by blackstorm GRIMMJOW -Sorin's first word- by blackstorm
Grimmjow was in the bathroom one morning preparing for the day off with family, Sorin on the counter beside him, shaving. The kids were a few months over a year old at this point and were growing so fast that Grimmjow was certain they were bigger each day. Sorin was watching him intently as he banged Ichigo's toothbrush against the mirror, a bit of drool hanging tenuously from his chin. Grimmjow heard Tomoe squeal in the living room and say loudly and clearly, "Chichi!"

She was the first of the three to speak a real word and every time Grimmjow heard it he thought his chest would burst with pride. She referred to Ichigo as Chichi and Grimmjow as Papa, an interesting way to make the distinction between her two fathers. So far Taichi seemed to be picking up the trend as he had lately managed to call Ichigo Chi and had finally the week before looked up at Grimmjow with his big doe yes and reached for him with a quiet, "Papa." Grimmjow had almost cried but held back because they hadn't exactly been alone. Not that he would have actually cried, mind you. Grimmjow wouldn't do something so unmanly even in the face of such cuteness.

Sorin had yet to say his first words though and no matter the amount of prodding the little boy he just flat out refused to say anything that sounded remotely like words. He resorted to frustrated tantrums when he wasn't immediately understood and Grimmjow wondered not for the first time if he had been such a handful as child. With a sigh and a slight shake of his head to clear his thoughts he smiled down at Sorin before resuming his morning shave. One quick swipe up the side of his neck and he felt the undeniable prick of the blades going just a little too deep.

"Shit." he muttered, rinsing the blade and glowering at the blood now crawling down the side of his neck.

Sorin grinned and gurgled something at him as he reached for a square of toilet paper to press to the wound. He had just looked back at his reflection when Sorin opened his mouth and stated loudly and with a smile that rivaled that of his father, "Shit!"

Grimmjow's eyes went wide and his head wiped to gaze down at his son. He blinked a few times before Sorin giggled and said it again.

"Shit! Shit, shit, shit."

Grimmjow's lips twitched a few times before he too grinned and reached for his son, kissing his plump cheek and spreading shaving cream on him as a deep laughter rumbled from his chest. Sorin repeated it again, louder than before and Grimmjow cupped his hand over the tiny mouth and kicked the bathroom door closed. He shook his head and looked down at his son before setting him back on the counter.

"That's my fuckin' boy. But you can't say that kinda thing around Chichi." he lowered his voice and looked furtively at the closed door. "He'll be mad at me if he has to write in that stupid Book of Firsts that you said that."

Sorin giggled and threw Ichigo's toothbrush on the floor. Grimmjow shook his head and kissed him once more, this time wiping off the shaving cream with a smile.

"But what he don't know can't hurt him, ne?" he whispered conspiratorially.

He finished shaving and rinsed his face before tossing Sorin up into his arms and kissing him once again and walking out into the living room where the rest of the family was. Ichigo looked up at him with a large smile and waved to Sorin who ruined the shared secret with Grimmjow by grinning at Ichigo repeating the curse. Ichigo's eyes looked as if they would bug out of his head.

"W-what did he say?" he asked and Grimmjow shook his head, doing his best not to laugh. "Grimm!"

"What? I ain't the only one that cusses around them." Grimmjow defended and Sorin squealed before reaching out for Ichigo.

Grimmjow handed him off and ignored the reproving look Ichigo was giving him. The moment wasn't saved however when Sorin decided that it was time for him to say his second word. He looked up at Ichigo as he tried to crawl up his chest and planted a wet, open mouthed kiss on his chin.

"Haha." **

This time Grimmjow didn't even try to hold it in, instead throwing his head back so hard it almost hurt as he laughed. Ichigo blushed and scowled, doing his best to correct Sorin over the noise Grimmjow was making.

The next day Ichigo cut his hair, which at that point had begin to reach just below his shoulder blades. Sorin called him haha until he was four years old, refusing and ignoring any attempt to correct him. Every time he said it Grimmjow would smirk, barely able to repress his mirth. He only did so because when Ichigo heard him laugh at it he could be sure he was sleeping on the couch that night.

Grimmjow liked his place next to the Strawberry too much to test that out too many times

[**Japanese for mom]

Excerpt from ~Mistress-Penlopye's "Pages From The Book of Firsts" fanfiction [link]

Yes, the lovable cute little mischievous kid (Sorin) from here returns~~ ;P

Done for my wonderful muse and lovable best buddy ~Mistress-Penlopye's contest.

Done with Paint Tool Sai and Photoshop CS3

Enjoy~! :la:

Art *blackstorm [ME]
Textures `budgie and *artbees
Story by ~Mistress-Penlopye
Character "Sorin Kurosaki-Jaegerjaques" ~Mistress-Penlopye
Character "Grimmjow Jaegerjaques" Kubo Tite | BLEACH
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