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Joined DeviantART since June 22 2003, thoroughly a fanartist through and through with an unhealthy knack/obsession of drawing manly chiseled males, initially starting out as a rabid anthro artist of a particular little known 90s series since 2001 for roughly eight years, until I was basically whisked away from the monotony of drawing anthropomorphic for nearly a decade into the world of anime/manga, and most of all BLEACH.

I preferably draw males over females, with a fusion of anime and realism style. In which case, if you've a problem with realistic looking characters in animesque facial features (or my penchant for drawing chiseled men or abs for that matter, especially my near lack of females) and/or fanarts in general please kindly step back from my gallery and carry on browsing elsewhere. Everyone has their own tastes/preferences/etc., no?
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Journal Entry: Thu Dec 18, 2014, 2:15 PM
  • Mood: Tired

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Mausoleum of Skulls

I just have no words. It's all quite predictable really: Villain humored his opponent enough and revealed his true ultimate power, goes on a little monologue which more or less disregarded by his opponent in denial and villain calmly watches for a brief moment as the opponent unleashes an ace, then villain strikes a little fear in his opponent before cutting him down brutally (and soon on his merry way to the next level, what with his elite minions keeping the rest of the royal guards preoccupied...andwherethefuckisIchigo?!).

Yhwach true -aptly "Almight"- power may as well have far surpassed or rather dethroned former Bleach villain Aizen, to simply put (but Aizen's still far better than him IMO. Unlike Yhwach, Aizen doesn't need some seer-like powers to orchestrate, predict and achieve his ambition or steal his opponents' ability to gain more power -heck he worked hard to achieve the highest level of kido without uttering the complex incantation which had shocked the captains, and he had done nothing of the sort in regards of stealing another's ability when he's smart enough to try device a way like the Quincies had made possible- and such, nevermind that in the end he seems to get it in way over his head and made the fatal error of underestimating Ichigo and Urahara -it wouldn't surprise me if all of these events thus far were just as he had planned and used Yhwach as his stepping stone since the very moment they met in his prison). Though I'm not sure whether he actually can literally foresee the future or absorb his opponent's ability by withnessing it himself with his freaky 'all seeing' eyes [to those who weren't up to date, no he did not pop a third eye like butterfly Aizen, but rather he two then three irises each on his normal pair of eyes], or combination of both and other (I'm too tired to begin to fully comprehend his and Haschwalth's monologue). But whatever, I don't really care much though, now I'm more interested in who'll ultimately bring about his eventual downfall -Uryu, who was bestowed the same "Almighty" letter as him (presuming that would make him on par with Yhwach, even if it stands for something else like say "Angel" which wouldn't be surprising and quite fitting actually), or Ichigo who's ever unpredictable to foresee completely whenever that boy is concerned (more so we've yet to see what new abilities he had gained), or a team work of both. That, and his showdown with the yet unknown but doubtlessly equally 'almighty' Spirit King next, provided there aren't anymore obstacle after Ichibē's defeat. The way Ichibē summoned his more powerful bankai ability with all the chanting and the black mausoleum while being somewhat all smug about it kind of reminds me of that scene of Aizen summoning and using the full incantation of Hadō #90 Kurohitsugi upon Ichigo.
That's not to say I'm not eager to see what bigger role Grimmjow might play in this final arc (as hinted by Kubo a few years ago, hopefully that aspect of the plan hadn't changed, I'd be utterly disappointed if Grimmjow doesn't get a lot more spotlight than previously, although I couldn't really complain with seeing him back again regardless... I mean c'mon it's been seven years, throw me a bone here Kubo! *sigh* :icongrimmjowsulkplz:).

Ok I'm about done rambling incoherently (I'm not sure what I'm writing anymore).
I'm curious to see what happens next. Either the focus continues to be on Yhwach taking the next big step to facing the Spirit King or move on to other ongoing battles or what are the others -who aren't engaged in battle- are up to [Arrgh, Ichigo where are you?!], or some combination of either.

Anyway, how have you all been enjoying your holiday?

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Random Curious Question to Writers: When writing your fic do you usually/often/typically/tend to basically write and plan as you go or develope the plot/outline/etc. first before writing? 

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