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Joined DeviantART since June 22 2003, thoroughly a fanartist through and through with an unhealthy knack/obsession of drawing manly chiseled males, initially starting out as a rabid anthro artist of a particular little known 90s series since 2001 for roughly eight years, until I was basically whisked away from the monotony of drawing anthropomorphic for nearly a decade into the world of anime/manga, and most of all BLEACH.

I preferably draw males over females, with a fusion of anime and realism style. In which case, if you've a problem with realistic looking characters in animesque facial features (or my penchant for drawing chiseled men or abs for that matter, especially my near lack of females) and/or fanarts in general please kindly step back from my gallery and carry on browsing elsewhere. Everyone has their own tastes/preferences/etc., no?
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Journal Entry: Tue Jul 15, 2014, 8:39 AM
  • Mood: Tired
  • Reading: BLEACH 589

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The Shooting Star Project [The Old and New Trust]

  • Urahara's "ticket" to the Soul King's Palace is apparently a replica of Kukaku's canon built inside one of the numerous 12th Division labs which he and Kurotsuchi had created since the Zero Division's appearance, predicting a situation like this would have happen. Urahara claims it's not exactly a perfect imitation and thus may work only at one shot.

  • Akon's appears fine and dandy, and most likely busy patching up the damages sustained by the Quincy army or perhaps on another secret project.

  • Chad strangely brought up the subject of Orihime's outfit (presumably on the shy Orihime's behalf) to Ichigo, in which the oblivious and modest boy reacted predictably by saying that "it is a little too revealing" [which pretty much sums up my opinion and reaction on it], and Orihime predictably blanched at both Ichigo's awkward reaction and at Chad's bluntness and tried explaining to Ichigo that it was all Urahara's idea, apparently manipulating her to wear the outfit with the promise that Ichigo would like it. *snort* That pervert (I soooo knew it, I mean the attire seems so out of character for Orihime, her clothes throughout the series thus far -excluding her bikini- were rather modest).

  • Yoruichi returns upon completing an inexplicable task and chastised poor flustered Ichigo for thinking that "a maiden would willingly wear something like that" and why "can't you just say something flattering or flirty to her, you oblivious brat!". Dear lord, SERIOUSLY, Yoruichi chill the fuck out, this is Ichigo you're lambasting, give the poor boy a break *huffs in indignation* I honestly am neither mad nor blame him, it's Urahara you should be slapping and castigating for taking advantage of poor innocent Orihime *protectively hugs Ichigo and hisses*

  • Giselle's confirmed to be a male, and Bambietta's actually dead (no surprise there, obviously), apparently compared to Shinigamis where he can control them with just a drop of his blood, he can only control Quincies if they're dead.

  • That comment of Yumichika -err- correcting Giselle was hilarious XD

  • Kurotsuchi Mayuri intervenes Giselle's fight with Ikkaku and Yumichika, having apparently been observing the battlefield incognito, intrigued by the Quincy's zombie ability. I believe he'll get bored and loose interest of Giselle and his ability rather quick and dispose of him one way or other, similarly with Szayel (honestly Giselle's ability is cool but he's rather annoying that's sure to irk Mayuri somewhat)

And that about sums up this week's chapter (and still no Grimmjow in sight yet). Pardon the lack or review on last week's chapter -I had a terrible headache at the time but there wasn't much worth to say about the chapter anyway as it's just basically a prelude to this week's chapter and the next, so to speak. As for this week's chapter, well overall.............I don't really know whether to laugh or plant my face on my desk or both.......... I think I'll face plant *proceeds to do so* :iconheaddeskplz: (I'm still perplexed as to why Chad brings Orihime's outfit to Ichigo's attention, he -of all people- knows Ichigo way more than anyone else and so should know his opinion of it as well as how he would react so why point it out to him when the oblivious boy seems perfectly content to remain oblivious to it regardless, unless he's speaking up for Orhime's behalf, which kinda makes sense since she's clearly too shy to ask Ichigo about it -and just to be clear with you all, I'm not a fan of IchiHime so whatever IchiHime feels you're having from this chapter, please keep them to yourself, no offense).

It's a delightful surprise to see this week's chapter out earlier than expected aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand... IT'S KUROSAKI ICHIGO'S BIRTHDAY TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *flails* :squee: Happy Birthday, Ichigo~! :heart:

BLEACH: Happy Birthday, Ichigo! by Sideburn004

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I've been getting an credulously insane amount of messages lately, and yet as much as I like to visit everyone of your pages personally to thank you whole heartedly for the +favourites and/or +devWatch (like I usually do) -I don't have much time and there's just waaaay too many *dramatic headdesk*... so I'll say it here to you all :
Thank you very much for all the +favs / +devWatch! :wave: I really appreciate it :hug: :heart:

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It's nice to know you're still drawing (and sometimes still the biker mice!) and you've only gotten better over time :3 You were an inspiration to me and I looked at a lot of your stuff to help me get out of my art slumps by being all "I wanna draw like that one day" and while I'm still far away from that, I still always give a silent thank you to you and the Biker Bros for helping me get to where I have.

Stay strong, Citizen!
Thanks a bunch~
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Wow, hawt pics, man! You really enjoy abs, huh?
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